RegionCasa dos Lagos is situated five kilometres from the historic and magnificent city of Braga. Its exceptional location permits its visitors various touristic and cultural possibilities.


Braga is located at the heart of the verdant Minho Region in the Northwest of Portugal and surrounded by a countryside of undulating mountains and forests. The city - one of the most important religious centres of Portugal – is recognised for its Baroque churches, its splendid XVIII Century manor houses and its beautiful parks and gardens.


The old part of the city is historic, although industry and commerce have given it a style for modern living, which is complemented by local universities, restaurants – some traditional and others more upmarket – as well as lively bars.


Human occupation of the region that corresponds to the current municipality of Braga dates back thousands of years. The Brácaro people occupied the zone around 200 BC, when the process of Romanisation began… but it was not until between 3 BC and the early years AD that the Romans founded their first city – Brácara Augusta.


Visitors will be able to take a pedestrian stroll around the area of the Cathedral with its small narrow streets, including the magnificent Cathedral itself, the Church of Compassion (Igreja da Misericórdia), the Church of St. John of the Chestnut Grove (Igreja de S. João do Souto), the Garden of St. Barbara, the Church of the Sainted Cross (Igreja de Sta. Cruz).… and afterwards enjoy a visit to the numerous museums of the city…


Close by the Casa dos Lagos stands the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte - an important local tourist and religious attraction – and three kilometres away is Sameiro - an important location for pilgrims. Nearby Braga one can also find Citânia de Briteiros, an impressive archaeological site dating from the Iron Age.


The beauty of the Minho countryside will guaranty a revitalising excursion for body and soul in any season of the year...